00 I Do you think you'll teach forever? Or do you want to er
02 S [ Mmm.
02 I [ do something else one day do you think?
04 S That's a tough question ... I'm not sure,
06 but right now ... I believe I still have the passion for teaching ...
11 but it is also my dream to ... erm ...
14 maybe get a PhD, I don't know ...
16 I [ Will you ...
16 S [ pursue higher, yeah.
17 I Do you think that that's possible? One day you'll do a PhD?
20 S Mmm, nothing is impossible.
22 I It's possible, right. Would you come to NIE, or would you go abroad?
27 S Mmm, I'm not sure, it depends.
29 I You haven't thought that [ far.
30 S [ Yes.
30 I Will you do a Masters first, do you think?
32 S Mmm, maybe ... but not at the moment.