00 I Is it difficult to get a job now?
01 I've heard that the job positions er the ... situation is bad.
05 Is that right?
06 S That's what I heard, but I'm not too sure ...
09 because erm I have ... a friend ...
11 she has actually been jobless for half a year ...
14 but I'm not sure whether it's because the job market is that bad
17 or because she's simply ... picky ...
20 yeah because she has quite ... erm a lot of expectations on her job,
25 she doesn't do things which she doesn't like, so ...
28 she might be a little bit picky, I'm not sure ... mmm.
31 I Do you think that your fiance is a bit picky?
33 Or is he erm ... er much easier to ... er to please in that way?
39 S Mmm (ha ha), I'm not sure, I think he shouldn't be that picky.
43 I Right.
43 S Mmm.