00 I Will you go er on a honeymoon somewhere?
02 S Mmm ... not at the moment ... maybe ... after I graduate.
07 I So you're waiting so long to go on a honeymoon.
09 S Because my mum doesn't allow me to go,
12 she say it's very dangerous now with all the ...
14 erm terrorist attacks and all.
17 I Maybe you could just go somwhere local,
19 to Sentosa or something like that.
21 S Erm ... we we might go on a cruise.
24 I On a cruise.
25 S Mmm.
26 I Will you have your own house? Or will you
28 S [ Mmm...
28 I [ share with your in-laws?
30 S Erm, at the moment, we will be sharing with my in-laws,
33 but er are planning to ... apply for our own flat ... soon.
37 I When do you think you'll be able to get your own flat?
40 S Mmm ... most likely ... after I graduate,
44 because er right now ... I don't have pay ...
46 so it might be a bit tight if I just rely on my ...
50 fiance to pay for the flat.