00 I What do you plan to do this vacation?
03 S Erm ... went to clean my house (ha).
06 I Clean your house. Does it
08 S [ Yeah (ha).
08 I [ get very messy when you're ... studying?
10 S Yes, during my exam (ha) time, yes.
12 I Right.
13 S [ Mmm.
13 I [ So is that your only for the vacation? You're not [ gonna go away anywhere?
15 S [ Erm ... no I don't think I will be going anywhere this ...
18 this vacation, yeah.
20 I So you'll ju-- just stay. Will yo-- will you go out with friends and ...
23 S Er yes, we will just go out with my friends and ... just ...
27 maybe watch, catch a movie, or ... some place, yeah.
31 I What do you like to do when you go out?
33 S Erm, I like to ... eat (ha).