00 I So you, what other countries can you go to,
02 instead of [ Australia?
03 S [ Erm, Japan, Spain ... mmm Malasia ... yeah.
09 I Where would you most like to go to?
11 S Spain.
12 I Why Spain?
13 S Erm ... maybe it's, it's a different culture altogether,
16 I've never been to ... a European country ... yeah, so ...
21 I think I would like Spain.
23 I Where can you go in Spain, do you know?
25 S Er, no (ha).
26 I OK. Do you know anything about Spain?
28 S Not really.
30 I What other countries would you like to go to in Europe?
32 Would you like to Italy? England? France?
35 S Erm, I would like to go to England.
37 I Why England?
38 S Erm ... basically I like, I prefer those erm ...
45 first-world countries ... yeah ... so ...
48 don't know, maybe I just like it (ha).