00 I Why did you need to move your flat? ...
04 What happened to your old flat?
07 S Er we are ... buying a new flat ... to ... for me er ...
12 to stay with my husband ...
13 I [ Right
13 S [ both of us to stay together.
15 I Yeah? So previously you haven't er lived with your husband?
18 You've lived with your parents, have you?
20 S Oh no, we stay with our ... my father-in-law.
23 I OK. So erm is it quite exciting now you have your own house?
27 S Yah, we are very excited, to have a house of our own (ha).
30 I Mmm. How long have you been married?
32 S How long er ... er legally, it should be ... thr-- three years.
40 I Mmm. And when was the customary ... marriage?
43 S Er two ... thousand ... and ... two thousand ... [ yeah ...
46 I [ Two thousand
46 S In the year two thousand.
48 I So you you've lived with your er father-in-law for two years, have you?
52 S Yeah, correct.