00 I What self health ... self help books do you like to read?
03 S OK, erm, actually I am very interested in psychology,
07 so sometimes I on five books related to that,
10 also maybe erm books on relationships ... er yah,
13 and then talks about how to improve relationships with people,
18 and stuff like that.
19 I Are those helpful? Do they help you to improve relationships?
22 S Mmm, actually I feel that the knowledge does mmm (tch) ... does help ...
26 because of being aware ... of maybe some of the common communication problems
30 and stuff like that, erm ... it sort of erm give you an idea,
35 or maybe erm let you know that you are not alone,
37 actually everybody is in facing the same type of problems, so ...
39 maybe erm they give you suggestions on how ...
41 to er improve that, and er yah, to me, I feel that the knowlege would help.