00 I Are you looking forward to becoming a teacher?
02 S Yes. Very much.
03 I You you like teaching, do you?
05 S Yes, I like the kids ... [ and
07 I [ Right. Have you taught before?
08 S Yes. Erm ... in ... Bukit Panjang Primary School.
12 I How long did you teach there for?
14 S That one is only for two weeks, before I was posted here for ...
17 furthering my ... BSc. And then before that is the Practicum,
21 which I did in Ghim Moh Primary School.
23 That one is ... for a longer period, but it's ... only for the Practicum period.
27 I But you really enjoyed teaching, did you?
29 S Yes.
29 I Do you enjoy teaching primary ... students, do you?
32 S Yes, primary students. I felt that they are more ... adorable (ha).