00 I Do you like crab? Y-- y-- is [ that som--
02 S [Crabbing ... there's a crabbing tour ... that one is quite fun, you really ... er ...
07 fight with the crab (ha) in the sense they show us how to catch crabs.
12 And then how to ... kill the crabs because the crabs are quite fierce and big.
16 So ... er ... they told us that if we were bite ... being bitten by crabs,
22 what, how, how can we release from it ... because they will, when they are ... biting us,
26 their claws real-- really tight, and they won't let go unless they hear thunder, whatever.
30 I So how did you get rid of them? Did you [ pretend there's thunder?
32 S [ So ... er ... they they they made use of a rod, to test the ... power of the ... claws of the crab ...
40 and then we managed, we turned the ... rod and then it ... really was the rod,
45 er wooden rod was biten into (ha) ... small little passes.