00 I What other languages do you speak?
02 S Oh, I speak er Mandarin most of the time, English and Hokkien.
07 I What do you speak mostly at home?
09 S Er Mandarin with my brothers.
11 I And who do you speak Hokkien to?
13 S Oh, I speak Hokkien to my parents.
15 I Yeah?
15 S Mmm mmm.
15 I Do you speak English at home at all?
17 S English? Rarely. Most of the time I ... use English, I speak English in school.
22 I Right. So is Mandarin your best language?
25 S Oh, yes it is.
26 I Yeah? Do you like to read books in Mandarin?
28 S Er, now I seldom (ha), because ... er most of the time English is used in school,
34 but when I was in secondary school, I liked to read a lot of erm ... (tch) Mandarin,
39 er articles in Mandarin, especially those erm mag-- er newspaper catered
43 for students, I was very interested in those ... newspaper ... yeah.