00 I Why do you learn Jap-- Japanese? Why you are so interested in Japan?
04 S Er because ... during the last vacat-- during the last vacation,
09 Japanese drama, Japanese drama was very (fff) er very hot at that time,
14 so, I was quite interested in their language, so that I can watch without erm,
18 I can watch the Japanese show without er ... hearing the ...
24 without dubbing, [ er er.
26 I [ Without dubbing.
26 S Yes.
26 I Do you read the subtitles?
28 S Oh yes because I'm not fluent in Japanese yet, so I do.
31 I Yeah?
31 S [ Mmm.
31 I [ Can you understand some of the shows now without er reading the subtitles?
35 S Er ... too bad I still can't, because I only mastered er ...
40 those very basic like how do you do, er one to ten, et cetera, those mmm,
45 but not ... very difficult sentences.