00 I Do you like to er browse er er er er look through the web during your free time,
04 is that something that you enjoy doing?
06 S Yes, er, if I have the time usually I'll tr-- er surf the ...
11 er webs for, surf the internet, for information like er ...
15 because I am also quite interested in Japanese, but ...
18 er language courses are often very expensive, er but ...
22 by surfing the internet you get information whereby you can learn at your own pace,
26 er learn all those basics like how to count from one to ten et cetera,
30 instead of attending expensive courses (ha ha).
32 I Right. Can you speak Japanese then?
35 S Er, to speak Japanese, very little, because I've forgotton most of it (ha ha).
39 I Yeah?
39 S Mmm [ mmm.
40 I [ Have you ever been to Japan?
41 S Oh no, but I intend to, I intend to ... [ mmm.
44 I [ When do you think you might go to Japan?
46 S Perhaps during my honeymoon.
48 I Yeah?
48 S Yeah.
49 I That'll be fun.