00 I Read all all four books. Did you see the movie as well?
02 S Oh yes I did ... I did, yeah.
04 I Did you like the movie?
05 S Erm I enjoyed reading the book more than the movie, because ... the movie
09 is quite short and ... er the the characters the characters are not fully
14 developed in ... in that, in that about one and a half to two hours movie, so ...
18 by reading the book you know more about the characters and you can like ...
21 be more immersed with the story.
23 I Did you see Lord of the Rings as well?
25 S Oh yes I did ... but because I have not read that book and I intend
28 to do it during this holiday, so ... mmm (tch) I ... I ... quite like that movie ...
36 that might be because I've not read the book so ... yeah I don't know the story well.