00 I Do many of your friends come here to be teachers?
02 S Many of my friends, no I I ... I get to know my friends here.
06 I [ Right.
06 S [ Yeah.
07 I So er you ... friends from JC, did you go to JC?
11 S No, I was from the polytechnic.
12 I Polytechnic. What do most of your friends from polytechnic do nowadays?
16 S They are all in the ministries.
17 I The ministries.
18 S Yeah.
19 I In what sort of jobs?
20 S Erm clerical ... yeah.
23 I And you don't envy them at all?
24 S No, not at all.
26 I Do they think, d'you think they envy you?
28 S I don't think so either.
29 I Why not?
30 S Because they always think that children are very naughty.
30 I Yeah?
33 S Yeah.
34 I Do you think a clerical job is interesting?
37 S Erm not ... to me.
40 I Why do they work in ministries? Why not in industry?
43 S Not industries ... I have no idea.
47 I Yeah?