00 I Might you teach sometime in a secondary school?
03 S I do not ... I do not hope to go to a secondary school to teach.
07 I Why not?
07 S Because I do not have the confidence that I can ... erm ...
11 handle them well ... teach them well.
14 I Y--you ... so you feel more comfortable with erm ... primary four, primary five, [ do you?
18 S [ Yes, yes definitely.
20 I Do you think you'll teach for all your life?
23 Or do you think that maybe you'll do something else one day.
25 S I really hope to teach for the rest of my life ... [ yeah.
28 I [ You really love teaching do you?
29 S Yes.
30 I Have you always wanted to be a teacher?
31 S Yes, since young.
33 I So er ... have you done anything else? When you left school, did you come straight to NIE?
37 S Yes.
38 I So er and then you'll you'll stay there forever?
40 S Hopefully.