00 I Do you enjoy teaching?
02 S Yes, I love teaching.
03 I Have you taught before?
05 S Erm six months contract teaching.
07 I Yeah? What were you teaching? At primary school?
10 S Yes er primary two.
12 I Er, you di-- er ... have you taught a higher primary, or secondary ... ever?
16 S Erm ... during practicums I taught P ... primary four and primary five ... [ yeah.
21 I [ Which do you prefer?
22 S I prefer the older children
23 I Right.
23 S Yeah, because they can understand they can understand better what I'm saying.
27 I Yeah? The younger children are more difficult, are they? [ Are you t-- ...
29 S [ I have to ... I have to repeat several times before they can catch
33 what I'm ... s-- I'm ... telling them.