00 I Have you been to er anywhere like Australia or er further abroad?
04 S No.
05 I Would you like to go somewhere like that?
06 S Yeah definitely, especially Australia.
09 I W-- er is that where you would most like to go to?
12 S Er ... yes.
14 I W-- if you could go to o-- one country in the world, would it be Australia?
17 S No.
18 I What country?
19 S I would like to go to China.
20 I Why China?
21 S I like er I I I love the scenery over there ... I mean ...
24 by the by the pictures that I've seen.
27 I Yeah? Erm ... where would you go in China?
30 S Where? Er ... what d'you c-- ... I don't ... what d'you call that erm ...
35 the countrysides, ah, not the ... not the cities.
39 I Right [ the countryside.
39 S [ Yeah.
40 I Will you have an opportunity to do that?
42 Perhaps to go on a trip sometime?
44 S Erm ... not in the near future I think.
46 I Because you're training to be a teacher.
48 S Yes, financially not stable.
51 I Financially not stable.
52 S [ Yeah.
51 I [ Would you like to go to Europe, or Am-- America?
55 S Erm, I've ... I've not thought about that before.
57 I Right.
58 S Yup.