00 I Can I ask you what you did during your vacation?
03 S Erm I stayed at home and helped my sister babysit my niece and nephews.
07 I How old are your niece and nephews?
09 S My older niece is about five ... this year ...
12 I [ Ri--
12 S [ my nephew three ... three years old.
15 I [ Do y---
15 S [ Both of them, yeah.
16 I Do you enjoy looking ... after little children?
19 S Erm ... I enjoy playing with them but not looking after them.
22 I Right.
23 S Yeah.
23 I So do you quite often spend time looking after them? Is that something you ...
28 you have to do as a er ... your duty?
30 S Oh it's not my duty definitely, but I was very bored during the holidays,
33 so ... er ... in fact they they ... they actually helped me by ... keeping me occupied.
40 I Right. What does your ... er sister go out to work?
43 S Oh no, both of them are housewives.
46 I Right.
46 S Yeah.
46 I But when you're looking after the children,
48 they have an opportunity to go out, do they?
51 S They will staying at home doing household chores.
54 I Yeah?
54 S Yeah.