00 I Cruises mai-- mainly seem to be about gambling, aren't they?
03 Most people go on to cruises for gambling, is that not right?
06 S Er yes that's right.
07 I Do you enjoy gambling?
08 S Er as staff er ... I was prohibited from stepping ... near the ... the gambling dens,
14 so actually I do not have an idea what goes on behind the closed door.
18 I Really.
18 S Yeah.
19 I Are you ... would you like to go in there, and try out gambling?
22 Or do you think that that's frightening?
24 S I think ... it is j-- er g-- er it is quite a form of thrill to a lot of people,
30 but knowing myself I don't have any ... luck so ... I never venture into gambling.
36 I Right. But you enjoy going to the local er, Melaka, places like that?
40 Or Langkawi? Where does it go to?
42 S Er, actually I don't really enjoy going to those places ...
45 I think er I w-- I am those who prefer luxury.