00 I What sort of business was it?
01 S Er because previously I was in the cruise industry, so I travel erm ...
06 with the cruise, so I get to go to the various stop-overs.
11 I What places have you been to on a stop-over?
14 S Oh yeah, it's basically the neighbouring er ...
16 countries like ... er Malaysia, Indonesia.
20 I How long did you do that for?
22 S About a year and a half.
23 I Did you enjoy doing that?
25 S Initially yes I do because ... it's quite fun every weekend we get to go on board ...
31 but after a while it become quite senseless to me because ... er ...
36 for the ... for the week days you will get er you'll busy preparing for the trip,
42 and then on the weekend you sail away and ... the whole cycle starts again the next week.