00 I What time of year did you go?
01 S In June um ... June July.
04 I Oh right right. Was it more polluted than Paris?
07 S Um yeah ... even though Paris also is quite bad.
10 I Right. Did you go to lots of art galleries, you like them?
13 S Yeah yeah. I went to the ... is it the Louvre?
15 I The Louvre, yeh. Did you go to the Musée d'Orsay?
18 S Is it.
19 I That's the modern one with the um ... the old ss station.
24 S Is it?
25 I You didn't go to that one?
26 S No, but I saw a lot of statues, and in the end it's like everywhere
29 you turn you see statues. It's like oh ... where's the culture?
32 I Right right. Do you miss statues in Singapore, do you? Do you
36 think Singapore should have more statues?
38 S I mean if you have statues but they must have meaning behind them somehow.
42 I Yeah yeah.