00 I Ok, so you went to er Berlin and to Oslo. Anywhere else?
04 S Um, oh I also spend one week ... or ... half a week in London
09 and half a week in Paris.
11 I Alright. Was that part of your trip, or was that on your own?
14 S Um ... that for that part of the trip ... um five of us decided to
17 go away on our own, but we discovered ... a lot of things about each other.
22 I Right. What what countries did you like best?
25 S Um ... the country I like best. I think I like Paris the most.
30 I Why did you like Paris the most?
32 S Um ... I'm very awed by all the churches and all the beautiful stained glass
37 I saw there ... and I w ... I also liked the weather in Europe, even though
40 the air isn't very good.
42 I Really. Which countries had bad air?
44 S London.
45 I London had bad air?
46 S Yah, very bad ... air, because ... yeah I think it left horrible residue
51 in the nose. It's very disgusting.
53 I Really. So it was quite polluted then was it?
55 S Yes.
56 I What time ---