00 I You didn't want to go away anywhere?
02 S Um ... no ... no money to go [overseas.
04 I [No money to go away. Where would you like to go if you could go anywhere?
08 S I would like to go to ... um Turkey or Greece.
11 I Why Turkey or Greece?
14 S I don't know, or even Egypt I want to see the pyramids I w ... eat something exotic.
18 I Something exotic. Er ... Have you ever been to Europe?
22 S Yes.
23 I Where have you been in Europe?
25 S I've been to ... I went to Europe. I went to Berlin. I went to ...
31 where else did I go? What is that country called?
35 I I don't know, you tell me.
36 S I went to Oslo.
37 I [Oslo
37 S [In Norway ... yeah. Yeah, there I saw a lot of lavenders.
41 It was very beautiful.
43 I Right, was that part of a trip, you said?
45 S Yeh, it was part of a trip ... with a lot of people.