00 I Do you read every day on the on the train?
02 S Yeah sometimes course notes, sometimes magazines, but sometimes also ... novels yeah.
07 I Right, 'cos it must be very tiring travelling for three hours a day, is it?
11 S Initially it was when NIE moved here, but now I am used to it so ...
16 it becomes like er ... a trip around the country looking at the scenery and everything, yeah.
22 I Can you tr-- er study in the evenings as well because you must be quite tired when you get home.
26 S Oh yeah, once I get home I need a rest ... I just zomb out I don't ... I don't read
31 I don't do anything, I just either watch TV or just stare at the wall.
35 I Right.
35 S Yeah.
35 I Then dd-- do you have a rest and then maybe do some studying, or do you---
38 S Oh yeah I do studying like after dinner after watching some TV shows and ...
43 after talking to friends, then I will start studying.