00 I Do you go jogging during the term time?
02 S Er no ... because ... I have no time and also I have to wake up very early
06 for courses and everything.
08 I Right, 'cos it takes you a long time to come in here, is that right?
10 S Er yeah, it takes me about ... an hour and a half ... from ...
14 the moment I step out from my house to ... the classroom here.
18 I And an hour and a half to get home in the evening [ as well.
20 S [ Yeah, so that's total of three (ha) hours spent travelling every day which ...
24 but now I learn how to ... erm utilize the time by reading on the train.
30 I Yeah.
30 S Yeah.
30 I Can you always get a seat on the train?
32 S Oh yes.
33 I [ So that's---
33 S [ It's a tactic.