00 I OK. Er, you sound like you're very sporty. Is that right?
03 S [ Er ...
03 I [ Do you like to play lots of badminton and tennis?
06 S Yeah because ... all my other friends ... are into this kind of sports too so ...
10 it's very easy to get ... into exercises and all these things.
15 I Yeah? Where do you play badminton and tennis?
17 S Er ... OK tennis is at my friend's condominium ... at Sengkang (ha ha)
22 and ... er for badminton it's at the Bishan Complex, sports complex.
27 I Yeah?
27 S Yeah.
28 I Do you do you play badminton quite regularly?
30 S Oh yes, almost every week, during the hols only,
33 but during school times it's ... impossible.
35 I You can't play any sport at all during school time?
37 S Yeah, because erm ... my friends are all like teaching now except me, so ...
42 it's difficult to ... find the time to come together to play, yeah.