00 I Yeah? What, and what do you teach them? Do you teach them English?
02 S English for all three of them ... and mathematics for the ... two little ones.
07 I Right.
07 S Yeah.
09 I But it's difficult to teach them, is it? Are they ... i--i--they're na-- rather naughty?
13 S Yeah because the whole ... to them I'm like a ... play ... play ... mate to them because ...
19 I used to look after them when I was young, so ...
21 it's very difficult to teach them because they think it's
24 everything is really informal, you know I am not the teacher ...
27 I am just ... the cousin ... who they can bully you know ... yeah.
31 I Did you manage to teach them anything [ useful?
33 S [ Oh yes yes yes, I used a lot of their garden pebbles and everything,
36 because they hated to see numbers for the younger ones ...
40 for the older one, I just practically forced him into his room,
43 and I locked the door so that the younger two couldn't come in.
47 I Mmm? So in the end they learned quite a lot, did they?
49 S Er yeah, in a way, they learned that I can't be bullied.
52 I Yeah.