00 I Do you enjoy teaching?
02 S Ss-- yy-- (ha ha) I enjoy teaching, yes ...
05 I Mmm.
06 S Erm I enjoy being with kids and so on, but ...
10 at the same time ...
12 when you are out in ... in to the society, when you step out into society and you work ...
16 er you need to do-- deal with people and not only children
19 so that's where the ... challenge comes in, yeah.
22 I Dealing with er the parents maybe is ---
24 S Parents ... colleagues
26 I Yeah?
26 S Superior (ha ha).
27 I So it's easy to deal with the children, but it's difficult to deal with adults, is it?
31 S Yeah.
32 I Yeah?
32 S It's easier to deal with children.