00 I So erm did they ev--ever catch the people? I guess they didn't, did they?
04 S No news.
05 I [ No news.
05 S [ There's no news yet yeah, mmm.
06 I Er, that was in Sydney.
08 S Yeah, that was in Sydney, so very ...
10 I mean it gave me a very bad impression of the people there (ha ha ha),
13 though I mean er ... it might not be actually done by an Australian ... yeah.
19 I Mmm. Have you any idea where it was stolen? Was it er on er ... [ on the street? Or---
22 S [ Er ... no it was actually in a game shop ...
26 er, yeah, we were ... pulling jackpots (ha ha).
29 I [ Right.
29 S [ And there were quite a lot of er ... A-- Chinese people around, yeah
34 so might not be an Australian, yeah I can say, mmm.
37 I Yeah. Did you go to Sydney first or to Melbourne [ first?
40 S [ Melbourne first. [ I went to Mel---
41 I [ So you had a good time in Melbourne.
42 S Yeah, I enjoy ... over there, the farms--the farms, and ... er the sceneries there, yeah.
49 I [ Right.
49 S [ The people there.