00 I Did he lose a lot of things in there? The passport, and money, and things like that?
03 S His IC, yeah, money, credit cards ... and erm ... the thief they even er ...
11 they even used my husband credit cards ... er so ... (tch) ...
15 pretty upset about the whole thing ah,
17 quite a lot, yeah lost quite a lot of money then (ha ha).
19 I Really?
20 S [ Yeah.
20 I [ Quite a lot of money, er you, couldn't you er cancel the credit cards?
23 S We were too late they were very fast ... yeah, they were very fast and ...
27 within half an hour they already used about two to three of his cards ...
30 and we have some problem like calling back to Singapore
33 to cancel the cards and ... things like that yeah.
36 I Within half an hour, so how much money did they spend?
39 S Er ... one of the card they used about ... two thousand five Aussie Dollars.
44 I [ Wow.
44 [ And another about one thousand Aussie dollars.
47 I Right.
47 S [ Yeah.
47 I [ What did they buy, do you know?
49 S I don't know (ha ha ha).
50 I [ Mmm.
50 S [ And the credit card company didn't er didn't want to reveal to us too.