00 I But maybe maybe your hearing was bad before,
02 but now your voice will become bad ... from teaching.
05 S No no no by nature I think I have a very loud voice (ha ha) [ yeah.
09 I [ Right, ss--so you think you don't have a problem with [ losing ---
11 S [ I don't have a problem.
12 I Oh right, because many of your colleagues lose their voice, don't they?
15 S Yeah.
16 I Yeah? So where did you teach when you were er teaching?
18 S [ I was ---
18 I [ In a primary school?
19 S Yeah, I was at Park View Primary before I came back to er ... [ NIE.
23 I [ Yeah?
24 S Yeah.
24 I And you'll go back there when you finish at NIE?
27 S I hope to.
28 I Yeah? It's a nice school, is it?
29 S The the people there are good ... my colleagues
32 I Yeah?
33 S wonderful colleagues, the children ...
34 I [ Yeah?
34 S [ they are good.