00 I So what did you do? You're you're an engineer by ... er profession, are you?
03 S Yeah.
04 I [ K---
04 S Er I do I do erm the development that means er ...
08 whatever that has been done in er Germany ...
11 it's transferred over ... we do a test, er we we are testing on it
15 make sure that nothing goes wrong, and then we ss---
17 er pass it through for production.
20 I Right. How long did you work as an engineer?
22 S For ... eight years.
25 I Mmm. Do you miss that at all?
26 S No.
27 I Why not?
28 S Because I'm dealing with erm machines ...
30 and then I think it's because of that that my hearing is er ...
33 much affected now ...
35 er whereas teaching I'm dealing with people.
38 I Yeah?
38 S It's more interactive.
39 I Right.