00 I Is that the first time you've been to Europe?
02 S Yes.
03 I Would you like to go to other places in Europe?
05 S Europe, no ... I think I prefer America (ha).
08 I Why do you prefer America?
10 S Er, because erm I've been there ... when I was er a teenager ...
15 and er ... I find that the city they are not ...
19 so old like er ... Europe ... I find Europe very erm .... very ancient (ha ha).
26 I Very ancient, [ right.
27 S [ Yeah
28 I Where did you go in America when you went there?
30 S I was in Texas, I was in New York, and I was in Alabama.
34 I Right, and you like those places do you, because they are morden cities?
37 S Yes.
38 I Would you like to live there if you could?
40 S No.
41 I Why not?
41 S Er ... I still prefer Singapore.
43 I You like to live in Singpore do you?
45 S Yes.
46 I Yeah?