00 I Do you think you'll teach for the rest of your life or would you ...
02 S (ha ha)
03 I like to do something else?
04 S Oh, no (ha ha) ... I don't think I'll be ... I I'm not sure ... yeah ...
11 I I take one step at a time, I clear my bond, five years' bond ...
15 and then we'll see, yeah.
17 I Have you taught before?
18 S Er ... nn apart from the teac--the the contract teaching and teaching practice, no ... [ no.
27 I [ Do you enjoy teaching?
28 S Yeah, I mean the the the children are fine, it's it's just those admin work that
32 bogs us down and I don't like it.
34 I Yeah, yeah.
35 S Yeah.
35 I So you think maybe after five years, you will think again? Maybe ...
39 S Yes.
40 I go ss ... do something else? Do you think you'll move abroad
41 or do you ... would you like to stay in Singapore forever?
44 S Er ... if I have an opportunity I would like to er ... migrate but ...
50 erm well ... it's it's not...