00 I What does you husband do? What's er his ... er profession?
03 S He's a ... com..he's a commercial accounts manager with SATS ... yup with SIA ... hmm-mm.
09 I Is it easy for him to move to abroad?
11 S Yes, relatively yes ... he does get the opportunity to travel ... uh-uh.
17 I But if if he moved abroad he he would have to change his his job, wouldn't he,
20 he couldn't work for SIA.
22 S Er maybe not, hopefully he'll get a job with Qantas ... [ yup.
25 I [ Is ... is that an opportunity, is that likely to happen?
28 S Perhaps hopefully, because he does deal with you know erm with ...
32 the accounts with Qantas.
34 I [ Yeah?
34 [ So yeah ... might be.