00 I Where do they live in America?
01 S Los Angeles and erm San Francisco.
04 I Do you like it there?
06 S Yeah ... well not as much as Australia, because like you know in the States
10 it's more like erm a place to visit ...
13 not so much a place to stay ... yeah and to live in.
16 I You don't think that you [ could live in Los Angeles.
17 S [ No.
19 No no no definitely not.
21 I Why not? What's wrong with Los Angeles?
23 S It's too much like what you see on TV (ha ha) I don't know why.
27 I Wh..what it..it..it's too chaotic, is it?
30 S Yeah kind of and you know ... we heard gun shots and all in the middle of the night,
34 so it's like no way am I going to go there ...
36 actually my husband did want to go and migrate ... you know to over to America
39 but I said no ... not America please ... so he said Australia, I said yeah OK ... possibles.
45 I So y..maybe you'll migrate to Australia one day?
48 S Yeah maybe.