00 I Where would you like to go if you ... er could go anywhere in the world?
03 S Erm Africa.
04 I Africa.
05 S [ Yeah.
05 I [ Why Africa?
06 S I would like to go to the Serengeti and see all the wild animals ...
09 'cos I love nature ... yeah.
11 I Do you go anywhere nearby to look at nature?
14 S No, not really ... in Singapore there's nothing much to look at anyway ... [ mmm.
19 I [ What about Indonesia or Malaysia?
21 S Erm no, I guess with young children it's a bit difficult to go there ... [ yeah.
24 I It would be [ a bit difficult to go to Africa as well, don't you think?
27 S Erm yeah, but I only plan to go there when ... you know ... my..my children are
31 about ten years old ... the youngest hits ten, yeah, then I'll go there.
36 I So you have another nine years to wait.
38 S Nga, yes (ha).