00 I How old are your children?
01 S Erm my oldest is eleven ... erm number th..three ...
06 sorry number two would be she's six now ...
09 number three is erm ... three years old, the last one is ... past one.
15 I Just past one.
16 S Yeah.
16 I Er ... and the youngest, does he ... enjoy going to the beach?
20 S Oh erm ...
23 I [ A bit young.
22 S [ she was yeah she was a bit too young to know, uh-uh.
23 I What does the oldest one do on the beach?
29 S Even though it was in winter, 'cos we went there in June right? ...
32 he still went ahead swimming and all that
34 I Yeah?
35 S Yup, even though he was freezing.
37 I Yeah?
37 S Yeah.
This subject subsequently explained that, some of her pauses
occurred because she remembered (in mid-interview) that
her youngest child was not actually born at the time of her
trip to Australia.