00 I What do you do in the evenings in the hostel?
02 Is there quite an active social life?
04 S Evenings ... no ... I usually would ...
07 study in school until the evenings ... yeah
11 so ... not much of a ss ... active ... social life.
15 I People don't have parties? Or drama? Or ... things like that?
19 S There is ... but I guess because right now ...
23 erm in NIE we still have this ... er we don't have the ...
27 point system as yet ... so we don't ...
30 have to accumulate the points in order to stay in the hostel,
32 so I'm not that active as yet.
34 I Right, right.
35 S Mmm.
35 I But er some people are quite active, are they? In er attending ...
39 student union meetings, and drama clubs and things?
42 S Yeah. I can see some of them are very active ...
45 then they will erm ... sit in committee meetings,
49 and come up with all kinds of activites for us.
51 I Yeah, [ yeah.
51 S [ Mmm.