00 I Now that exams are over, have you been cycling?
02 S Yeah ... mmm for the past ... one week went down there twice ...
07 yeah, twice.
09 I Twice in the last week, have you?
10 S Ah.
10 I Are there quite a lot of people walking along there,
12 so you have to be careful?
13 S Yeah ... in the evening, yes,
15 the place is getting more and more crowded ... yeah ... er
18 I Have you ever collided with anybody?
20 S No, I will stop my bike before I collide with anyone (ha ha).
24 I Do you have your own bike? Or do you rent one?
26 S Mmm ww er ... have one, my dad bought one bike, yeah ...
30 so we can learn it, mmm.
32 I One bike between you, or do you have one bike each?
34 S Mmm ... one bike each ... actually ... er but um ...
38 that bike we share among erm siblings.
41 I Right, OK.
42 S Mmm.