00 I Do you think you'll stay a teacher all your life?
02 S Hmm-hmm, yup, I think I will.
04 I You..you..you ... you really like teaching, do you?
07 S Mmm ... I d..I still like childrens, more than teaching (ha ha).
11 I You like teaching young children.
12 S Yeah.
12 I You don't have ambition to do anything else? Would you like to ...
15 er do something else? Be a ... an air stewardess or a ...
18 S A fashion denu..designer.
19 I Fashion designer.
19 S Yeah.
20 I You're keen on fashion.
21 S Mmm.
21 I Do you do fashion design?
22 S No, but I intend to take up a course ... in fashion design.
25 I Oh, right. Do you do that when you finish, when you've graduated?
28 S Yup.
29 I In the evenings?
30 S Mmm, yeah, a part-time course.
31 I Oh, right.
32 S Mmm.
32 I Have you ever studied that?
33 S Er, no.
34 I Never.