00 I Will you go back to the same school when you finish here?
02 S I'm not sure, maybe not, yeah.
04 I Would you like to go back to the same school?
06 S Mmm ... I would like to go back to my ...
09 the school that I was attached to the other time.
11 I Right.
11 S Mmm.
11 I It was a good school, was it? Or it was just somewhere you ...
14 S A neighbourhood school.
15 I It's a [ neighbourhood school.
16 S [ But, yeah, it's very homely. Everyone is very friendly.
18 I Right.
18 S Mmm.
18 I Was it a good school? Or was it just a friendly school?
21 S Eeeh ... a friendly school (ha ha).
23 I Would you like to teach in a Secondary School if you had the chance?
26 S No. Because I prefer younger kids, yeah.
28 I Right.