00 I So ha..have you ... been a teacher in school?
02 Or you came straight from the Dip Ed?
04 S Straight ... from Dip Ed.
06 I So you've never really taught in [ schools.
07 S [ No.
08 I Are you looking forward to teaching?
09 S Mmm ... OK, but I prefer studying (ha ha).
12 I You prefer studying.
13 S Yes.
14 I So you sound l..like you're a little bit nervous at teaching,
16 is that right?
17 S Mmm ... I like the children ...
19 but I'm not sure if I can teach well ... (tch) just you know mmm.
21 I But you like the children, you like being with children.
23 S Mmm. I like them.
25 I Do..did you en..enjoy your teaching practice then?
28 Or is it ... a little bit frightening?
30 S Mmm ... frightening, because of the supervisor.
31 I So it's just the supervisor [ that makes it frightening.
33 S Yes.
34 I When the supervisor wasn't there, you had fun [ did you?
36 S [ Yes, of course (ha ha).
37 I [ Really.
37 S [ Lots of fun.
38 I Yeah?