00 I Where would you like to travel
01 if you could go anywhere in the world.
02 S (tch) Europe.
03 I Wh..Europe.
04 S Yeah.
04 I What countries in Europe would you like [ to go to?
05 S [ Mmm ... maybe London, France.
08 I Right.
08 S Mmm.
09 I Why would you like to go to London?
10 S Mmm ... I don't know (ha ha) ... I think it's nice, I think so ...
13 and ... you can communicate, I mean I can communicate with them ...
17 basically yup.
18 I Yeah, yeah ... so er do you think you'll have a plan to go ...
20 you'll have a chance to go to London?
23 S Mmm I think I will have (ha ha).
25 I When will you have a chance to go there [ do you think?
27 S [ Mmm ... (tch) after I've started working of course
30 when I have the income ... yeah.
32 I Yeah?
33 S Hmm..mm.