00 I OK, what did you ... do during your last vacation?
03 S OK, um ... I was invited to Chai Kim's house (ha ha)
08 Yeah, er ...
09 I OK. What did you do there?
10 S Erm ... OK, we watch ... Chicken Run ...
13 and she cook lots of dishes for us to eat, yeah.
16 I Is she a good cook?
18 S Mmm yeah ... I don't know how to cook (ha ha).
19 I You don't cook at all.
21 S No.
22 I So you j ... you rely on her to cook for you.
24 S Yeah (ha ha).
24 I Don't you want to learn how to cook?
26 S Mmm, yeah, I'm interested in cooking, yeah.
28 But I intend to learn it after I've ... my married (ha ha) not now.
31 I After you've learn..learnt ...
32 shouldn't you learn to cook before you're married?
34 S Mmm no, my mum learnt to cook only after she married,
37 so I believe I can ... (tch) do so, yeah ...
40 and cook as well as her, yeah.
42 I Right, so y..you erm ...
43 isn't your husband then going to be very surprised initially
46 because you can't cook.
47 S (ha ha)
48 I Isn't that a bit dangerous?
49 S But I can cook Maggie Mee (ha ha).
51 I You can cook Maggie Mee ... well, that's alright then.
52 As long as you can cook Maggie Mee.
54 S She ... ah, yeah, he still have something to eat then (ha ha).
56 I So it's something to eat whilst you learn [ right.
58 S Yeah.