00 I Is Korea very beautiful?
01 S Yes, it's beautiful.
03 I Did you ... where did you go in Korea?
05 S Mmm ... we went to Seoul ... and ...
08 s..some other few places, ah, yeah.
11 I Right. What..what place would you like to go to ... in
14 what place would you like most to go to in the world?
16 S Er ... I wish to go to er ... Switzerland.
19 I Switzerland.
20 S Yes.
20 I Right. Go skiing again.
22 S Yeah, maybe this time I will try, really try how to ski.
24 I Maybe if you stayed there for a couple of weeks, you could learn.
27 S Yes.
28 I Right. And what about Australia or places like that.
30 Have you been there?
32 S No, I've not been there.
33 I Would you like to go?
34 S Yes. I would like to ... er go to Australia and New Zealand.
37 I Right.