00 I What about Korea? What did you do in Korea?
02 S We went skiing.
03 I Skiing!
04 S But I can't ski.
05 I You can't ski. So what did you do?
07 S I took photos.
08 I You just took photos! You didn't go skiing at all?
10 S With the equipment.
11 I [ With
11 S [ I took photos with the equipment.
13 I And then you ... you didn't go skiing? [ Not even
15 S [ I tried a few steps.
16 I You tried a few steps.
17 S I can't balance.
18 I You couldn't balance. Didn't you take lessons or ...
20 S Um they didn't..they didn't teach us.
22 I Ah.
23 S Yeah, so it's ... very dangerous, ah, that's ...
24 that's why I didn't try.
25 I Right. How many days were you there?
27 S Mmm ... eight days.
28 I Eight days, and you didn't go skiing ...
31 you didn't ... so you were were in a ski ...
33 S I went down, I went down, but ...
34 just took the photos, that's all.
36 I Right, take the photos, so so that counts, does it?
38 S Yes.
39 I Were you eight days in the ski resort?
40 S No, no, just um ... one day.
41 I Ah, one day.
42 S And the rest we were travelling ... mmm.
44 I Right.