00 I Do you like to travel at all?
01 S Yes, yes. I like to travel.
03 I Where do you like to go to? Where have you been?
04 S Erm ... I've been to ... my recent trip was to China.
08 Then I've been to Turkey, Greece, America, Korea.
12 I So many places.
13 S Yeah.
14 I What did you do in Turkey and Greece?
16 S Um ... I've been there for ... around fifteen days ... and ...
22 it's on a ... a a a ... package tour.
24 I Yeah? Where did you go?
27 S Erm ... mainly the ... I think I I couldn't really remember
30 because it was two years er ... two years back ... erm ...
34 but I can remember the place, it was very beautiful.
36 I Yeah? Was..was..er was at Istanbul? Did [ you go there?
39 S [ Yes. Istanbul, yes.
40 I And you..you..you like that?
42 S Yeah.
42 I OK