00 I So on the on the BA, you're much busier
01 than doing Dip Ed?
02 S Yes.
03 I What what are you busy on? Is it all your all your AS subjects?
06 S Yes
06 I Geography keeps you really busy, does it?
08 S True.
09 I But English is nice and easy, isn't it?
11 S Much better than geography.
12 I Much better is it? We don't work ...
14 we don't make you work nearly as hard, is that right?
17 S I think so (ha ha).
18 I Yeah, yeah.
19 S Probably because of the nature of the ...
21 subject itself mmm.
23 I Because geography [ has a lot more work.
24 S [ Geography. Mmm a lot of [ readings.
26 I [ Are you majoring in geography or in English?
27 S English.
28 I Right. So you're happy about that choice, are you?
30 S Definitely. (ha ha)
32 I OK.