00 I Ayers Rock. Have you been there?
02 S No I haven't have seen a lot of photos of it, but haven't
03 been there.
04 I Would you like to go there?
06 S Yes, definitely.
07 I Yes, definitely.
09 S Not ... really, but you know it's the kind of ... thing you go
12 somewhere more civilised first then maybe I try you know like
14 the Outback or what.
15 I Right, have you been anywhere else in the world?
18 S Err ... Asia ... Asian countries like ... Malaysia, Indonesia,
22 Thailand, Philippines.
24 I Where'd you like to travel most?
26 S Um... of all these countries?
27 I Yeah.
28 S I like Philippines because I like the food there.
30 I You like the food?
31 S Hmm ... they had a lot of chickens ... [it ... it's nice.
33 I [Ok
34 I Food is very important for you.
36 S It is.